Contract CFO and Financial Statement Preparation

Experience with Many Businesses

Our partners and staff have worked in or with many industries, including hotels, construction, distribution, restaurants, broadcasting, transportation, resource extraction, manufacturing, printing, advertising, law firms, engineering firms, banking, government and more. Our familiarity with operations within these industries translates to a fast start when you hire us, and the ability to compare your accounting and finance processes and procedures to what others in your industry have done.

Experience with Many Software Brands

Seale and Beers partners have, over the years, been certified to consult on accounting software brands ranging from Dynamics and the Sage family of products at the high end to Quickbooks at the affordable end, and have worked on a raft of brands in between. In addition, our staff is schooled in software tools that work with many brands of accounting software, like Crystal Reports for data mining and FRx for financial statement generation.

Many companies using Quickbooks are not aware of its features that allow close integration with our office. At the targeted time of each month, usually when you receive your monthly bank statement, you create an “accountant’s copy” of your Quickbooks data and email it to our office. We “tune up” the entries that you or your bookkeeper have made, making sure that entries are posted to the correct accounts, that recurring adjustments are made, and that you can print accurate financial statements at any time. When we’re done, we email you back a file of the changes we’ve made, and use the tool provided by Intuit to integrate our changes into your database. You are able to operate as normal during the day or two that we’re performing your monthly tune-up.

Experience with Finance and Accounting

Our team of Certified Public Accountants and MBAs understands the methods that outsiders use to make judgements about your business. We’ll share this knowledge, so you can walk into business meetings with bankers, investors, potential partners, major suppliers, or regulators confidently. You’ll be able to execute your agenda, rather than watch them execute theirs.